Final Report

Hello all, just wanted to share my final report on my website as well. Thank you for reading my blog posts this last semester, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed researching this interesting topic. I hope you enjoy reading my paper and continue to learn more about sensory marketing and the effect’s of music on decision-making!

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Justin McManus’ Proposal

Hello again. I wanted to share with you a study proposal that Duke Ph.d. student Justin McManus shared with the group during our meeting last Monday as an example of what a proposal looks like at the Ph.d. level. Justin McManus is questioning the extent to which individuals believe that people of all backgrounds and…

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Results and Future Studies

I wanted to share the results of the study that I have been conduction at the student store. While the change is not as defined as my hypothesis had suggested, the data still suggests that music does have an underlying effect on sales. The music I played was a playlist of popular instrumental songs. I…

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Come Shopping!

I wanted to give you all an update on the work that I have been doing these last two weeks. Internship and Studies: As I shared last week, I presented some of my proposed study ideas in front of the Ph.D. students in Dr. Fitzsimons’ lab and got some really interesting feedback and resources. The…

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Hello! I wanted to give you all an update on what I have been doing these last few weeks! Study I conducted my first official study two weeks ago where I played music in the student store over the span of 3 days. The experiment was outlined as follows: I wanted to test the effect…

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Slacktivism (Kristofferson, White, & Peloza)

Hello hello! This past week I split my time 50/50, spending half of my time continuing to research and attend my internship, and the other half I began to think about some preliminary studies that I could conduct. Internship and Research This past week’s meeting was conducted by a Ph.D. student who had been running…

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Hello! This is my reflection on how my independent study has gone so far! I have really enjoyed learning the basics of behavioral economics and the different paths that learning this topic has taken me down so far. I have been meeting with my Independent Study advisors Mrs. Frasher and Mr. Biersach biweekly and have…

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Buy a “vegan” hat… carnivores!

Hello, good to see ya again! I wanted to give you all (my thousands of dedicated subscribers) a quick update on what I’ve been working on this week. I will also be completing the mid-quarter reflection of my project on the next post. Internship This week I started my research by going to my weekly…

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